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Insertion of 3D DNA Origami Nanopores into Block Copolymer Vesicles

Read the full article here: ChemSystemsChem e202200009 (2022).

Block copolymer-based polymersomes are important building blocks for the bottom-up design of protocells and are considered advantageous over liposomes due to their higher mechanical stability and chemical versatility. Endowing both types of vesicles with capabilities for transmembrane transport is important for creating nanoreactor functionality and has been achieved by insertion of protein nanopores, even into comparably thick polymersome membranes. Still, the design space for protein nanopores is limited and higher flexibility might be accessible by de novo design of DNA nanopores, which have thus far been limited largely to liposome systems. Here, we introduce the successful insertion of two different 3D DNA origami nanopores into PMOXA-b-PDMS-b-PMOXA polymersomes, and confirm pore formation by dye influx studies and microscopy. This research thus opens the further design space of this versatile class of large DNA origami nanopores for polymersome-based functional protocells.


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