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Positions for PhD students or PostDocs 

3 PhD Researcher Position is Open:

We have three fully funded PhD Researcher Positions within the new DFG Collaborative Research Center 1552 "Defects and Defect Engineering in Soft Matter" as well as in the DFG Research and Training Group "Structure Formation of Soft Matter at Interfaces" available. Your chance to join us!

Photochemical Regulation of Chemical Reaction Networks for the Design of Adaptive Life-Like Supramolecular Systems (READ THIS)

Key words: Photochemistry, Chemical Reaction Networks, Supramolecular Chemistry, Systems Chemistry, Microscopy

ATP-Driven Life-Like DNA Systems (READ THIS)

Key words: DNA Nanoscience, Dissipative Self-Assemblies, Chemical Reaction Networks, Systems Chemistry, Machine Learning

Transmembrane Signaling in Artificial Cells using DNA Structures/Superresolution Microscopy (READ THIS)

Key words: Artificial Cells, DNA Nanoscience, Superresolution Microscopy

Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Framework of the Henriette-Herz Scouting Program

Andreas Walther has been selected by the AvH Foundation to act as a Henriette-Herz Scout to invite up to three Postdoctoral Fellows into a AvH Postdoc-Fellowship Scheme.

This provides a unique opportunity to postdocs to shape their indivdual profile in Germany's best postdoc program. You will be part of the lifelong Humboldt Network. Applications are possible anytime.


  • overlap to our research interests: e.g. DNA Nanoscience, Biointeractive Materials, Systems Chemistry, Self-Assembly and Active Matter

  • very good publication track record

  • international PhD

  • no studies or research stays in Germany after the PhD

  • no German Citizenship

  • no prior application to the AvH foundation

  • timely availability

Interested? Send an Email to AW to discuss. Ideally provide some information on what inspires you and what you want to do, and enclose a CV on your past research experience. 

Self-Motivated Applications with Independent Funding

We can also support self-motivated applications with outside funding HERE.


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