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Positions for PhD students or PostDocs 

PhD Researchers

We have one open PhD Research Positions and one open postdoc position. If you are a MSc student in Mainz, you may start with a Master thesis on these topics.

1.  PHD: DNA Artificial Cells  (READ THIS)

2. Postdoc: Artificial Cell/Living Cell Spheroids for Interactive Biomaterials (READ THIS)

Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Framework of the Henriette-Herz Scouting Program














Andreas Walther has been selected by the AvH Foundation to act as a Henriette-Herz Scout to invite up to three Postdoctoral Fellows into a AvH Postdoc-Fellowship Scheme.

This provides a unique opportunity to postdocs to shape their individual profile in Germany's best postdoc program. You will be part of the lifelong Humboldt Network. Applications are possible anytime.


  • overlap to our research interests: e.g. DNA Nanoscience, Biointeractive Materials, Systems Chemistry, Self-Assembly and Active Matter

  • very good publication track record

  • international PhD

  • no studies or research stays in Germany after the PhD

  • no German Citizenship

  • no prior application to the AvH foundation

  • timely availability

Interested? Send an Email to AW to discuss. Ideally provide some information on what inspires you and what you want to do, and enclose a CV on your past research experience. 

Self-Motivated Applications with Independent Funding

We can also support self-motivated applications with outside funding HERE.


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