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Bioactive Patchy Nanoparticles with Compartmentalized Cargoes for Simultaneous and Trackable deliver

Read the full article here: Angewandte Chemie,2019, DOI: 10.1002/anie.201901880 Recent years have seen an increased interest in the use of ABC triblock terpolymers to bottom‐up assemble multicompartment patchy nanoparticles. Despite these experimental and theoretical efforts, the applications of polymer‐based patchy nanoparticles remain rather limited. One of the major challenges that eclipses their potential is the lack of knowledge to selectively encapsulate cargoes within different compartments that are separated in the nanometer length scale. In this work, we report on strategies to segregate two chemically distinct molecules in either the patches or core compartment of patchy nanopartic

Phytochrome‐Based Extracellular Matrix with Reversibly Tunable Mechanical Properties

Read the full article here: Advanced Materials, 2019, DOI:10.1002/adma.201806727 Interrogation and control of cellular fate and function using optogenetics is providing revolutionary insights into biology. Optogenetic control of cells is achieved by coupling genetically encoded photoreceptors to cellular effectors and enables unprecedented spatiotemporal control of signaling processes. Here, a fast and reversibly switchable photoreceptor is used to tune the mechanical properties of polymer materials in a fully reversible, wavelength‐specific, and dose‐ and space‐controlled manner. By integrating engineered cyanobacterial phytochrome 1 into a poly(ethylene glycol) matrix, hydrogel materials

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