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Opportunities for Students and Researchers

We are always eager to integrate highly motivated and talented new students and researchers into our team and provide you with a stimulating research environment and challenging research projects. 

Before you contact us please consider the following:

If you are an undergraduate student from Mainz (or elsewhere), and are interested in joining the team for a research internship, as HIWI or a Bachelor thesis, please familiarize yourself with our research, and just send an email to Andreas Walther or contact some group members. Please provide at least your B.Sc. certificate and field of M.Sc. specialization when applying for a research internship during your M.Sc. studies.

Topics are constantly available. 

For a Master thesis, please send your application to Andreas Walther. It should include a short letter of motivation, your CV, and your particular field of interest, as well as a full transcript of your M.Sc./B.Sc. study records and B.Sc. degree.

Topics are constantly available on synthesis, self-assembling system, materials, make an appointment with Andreas Walther to discuss topics. 

If you want to join as a PhD student, please follow similar considerations as above, but include an additional meaningful summary of your master thesis. Make clear why you want to join our team! All open positions are advertised on THIS page, as well as on additional recruiting pages, such as EURAXES.


In case there are no open positions, I am happy to support you in finding funding for self-motivated PhD research proposal. There are several opportunities for international students as e.g. from the DAAD or the CSC for Chinese student.

As an ideal Postdoc candidate, you are highly creative, self-motivated, and have developed an independent scientific mindset and research philosophy. You are an expert in one of the fields relevant to our research (e.g. soft matter, systems chemistry, self-assembly, bioinspired materials, DNA nanotechnology, cell culture, mechanobiology), and want to create clear synergies for high level research output by joining our team. All open positions are advertised on THIS page (and outside).

There are several opportunities for postgraduates with proven track record to acquire outside funding through a self-motivated research proposal. A highly prestigious fellowship program is offered by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

For your application, please enclose a letter of motivation expressing clearly why you want to join our team, a summary of the research during your PhD, and a short sketch of potential future research ideas. 

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