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Chemically Fueled Block Copolymer Self-Assembly into Transient Nanoreactors

Read the full article here: ChemSystemsChem (2021).

by Wuerbser, M. A., Schwarz, P., Heckel, J., Bergmann, A. M., Walther, A., Boekhoven, J.,

In chemically fueled supramolecular materials, molecular self-assembly is coupled to a fuel-driven chemical reaction cycle. The fuel-dependence makes the material dynamic and endows it with exciting properties like adaptivity and autonomy. In contrast to the large work on the self-assembly of small molecules, we herein designed a diblock copolymer, which self-assembles into transient micelles when coupled to a fuel-driven chemical reaction cycle. Moreover, we used these transient block copolymer micelles to locally increase the concentration of hydrophobic reagents and thereby function as a transient nanoreactor.


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