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Supracolloidal Self‐Assembly of Divalent Janus 3D DNA Origami via Programmable Multivalent Host/Gues

Read the full article here: Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 59, 5515 (2020).

We introduce divalent 3D DNA origami cuboids as truly monodisperse colloids and harness their ability for precision functionalization with defined patches and defined numbers of supramolecular binding motifs. We demonstrate that even adamantane/β‐cyclodextrin host/guest inclusion complexes of moderate association strength can induce efficient supracolloidal fibrillization at high dilution of the 3D DNA Origami as a result of cooperative multivalency. We show details on the assembly of Janus and non‐Janus 3D DNA origami into supracolloidal homo‐ and heterofibrils with respect to multivalency effects, electrostatic screening, and stoichiometry. We believe that the merger of 3D DNA origami with colloidal self‐assembly and supramolecular motifs provides new synergies at the interface of these disciplines to better understand multivalency effects, to promote structural complexity, and add non‐DNA assembling and switching mechanisms to DNA nanoscience.

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