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Multiple Light Control Mechanisms in ATP‐fueled Non‐Equilibrium DNA Systems

Fuel‐driven self‐assemblies are gaining ground for creating autonomous systems and materials, whose temporal behavior is preprogrammed by a reaction network. However, up to now there is a lack of simple external control mechanisms of the transient behavior, at best using remote and benign light control. Even more challenging is to use different wavelengths to modulate different components of the system, such as fuel or building blocks. Success would enable such systems to navigate along different trajectories in a wavelength‐dependent fashion. Herein, we introduce the first examples of light control in ATP‐fueled, dynamic covalent DNA polymerization systems organized in an enzymatic reaction network of concurrent ATP‐powered ligation and restriction. We demonstrate concepts for light‐activation and ‐modulation by introducing caged ATP derivatives and caged DNA building blocks, enabling to realize light‐activated fueling, self‐sorting in structure and behavior, and transition across different wavelength‐dependent dynamic steady states.

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