Bioinspired (Bio)Macromolecular Material Systems: We develop new hierarchical self-assembly concepts inside and outside equilibrium, and connect those to soft (bio)macromolecular materials research – often following bioinspired design principles.

At the core of our investigations is the design and  the synthesis of tailor-made and precision-engineered (bio)macromolecular structures and architectures using advanced polymerization methods and modular ligation chemistries. We integrate supramolecular or light-switchable units to furnish highly defined, reactive, adaptive and functional building blocks.

Going across hierarchical length scales, we use these building blocks for innovative materials systems design, and focus on programming the space and the time domain of self-assemblies to create e.g. mechanical high-performance bioinspired nano-composites under rather static conditions, or self-erasing hydrogels encoded with lifetimes under dynamic non-equilibrium conditions.

Our Research Mission and Vision

Complexity as a Driver for Materials Innovation: Our philosophy is to go beyond a quantitative understanding of structure formation processes in complex self-assembling systems. We aim for an analysis and exploitation of the resulting structures on a functional materials level to bridge the gap between fundamental research and first-time applications.

Life-Like Materials as Long-Term Goal:Our future efforts are directed towards fueled and feedback-controlled non-equilibrium systems to realize next-generation, adaptive, active and autonomously dynamic soft molecular material systems with the ultimate goal to achieve life-like properties. 

Two Key Reviews and Viewpoint Articles + One Wiley Book:

Andreas Walther “From Responsive to Adaptive and Interactive Materials and Materials Systems: A Roadmap” Adv. Mater. 1905111, 2019 LINK

Invited View Point for a Special Issue on "Interactive Materials"

Merindol, R.; Walther, A. “Materials Learning from Life: Concepts for Active, Adaptive and Autonomous Molecular Systems” Chem. Soc. Rev. 46, 5588, 2017. LINK

Invited Review a special issue on “Chemical Systems Out of Equilibrium”.

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Wiley Book

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