Positions for PhD students or PostDocs 

PhD Researcher Position:

Life-Like Fibrillar Self-Assemblies under Soft Confinement

Keywords: Supramolecular Chemistry, Peptide and DNA Self-Assembly, Superresolution Microscopy, Hydrogels, Molecular Crowding

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2 ERC-funded Postdoctoral Researcher Positions are available

Interactive DNA-Mechanosensing Materials to Instruct Cell Behavior

Key words: DNA hydrogels, cell culture, mechanobiology, signaling research

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Adaptive DNA Hydrogel Materials using Dynamic DNA Nanoscience

Key words: DNA Hydrogels, Dynamic DNA Nanoscience, DNA Hydrogels, Adaptive Materials, Soft Matter

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We also have still an open topic Call for PhD Applicants in Life-Like Molecular Systems and DNA Nanoscience

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Self-Motivated Applications with Independent Funding

We can also support self-motivated applications with outside funding HERE.