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Opportunities for Industry

Tailor-made polymers and colloids are bread and butter for our research, and we have a clear determination to exploit controlled structure formation concepts to generate new macromolecular (hybrid) material systems with technologically relevant functionalities.

We are interested in pushing our material concepts further to industrial use, and are happy to interact with industry on diverse topics. 

Our expertise:

Synthesis and Formulation: We have a profound expertise in the synthesis of well-defined polymers and colloids (incl. nanocellulose) with precisely engineered functionalities, and in understanding their behavior in solution as well as bulk.

Advanced Processing and 3D Printing: We have a strong interest in developing concepts for merging top-down additive fabrication techniques with bottom-up nanostructuration/self-assembly and in-situ chemistry. Those combinations extend upon classical polymer processing.

Materials Science: We have a unique expertise in the design of scalable processing pathways for bioinspired nanocomposites and nanocellulose-based materials, targeting mechanical high performance materials (incl. self-healing), fire/gas/corrosion barrier materials, as well as constructs for biomaterials applications.

Analytics: We have a unique expertise in multiscale analytics of material systems in terms of structure formation, hierarchical structures and dynamics, and functional properties using a broad spectrum of complementary tools. Our emphasis in functional properties is on mechanical, barrier (e.g. fire/gas/corrosion) and optical properties.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Andreas Walther 

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