This page lists most of our publications starting from 2014.

Total: ca. 150 Publications

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Get the full paper here: Chem. Comm. 52, 8753 (2016).

We introduce recodable surfaces solely based on reversible artificial hydrogen bonding interactions. We show that a symmetrical oligoamide (SOA) attached to poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) can be repeatedly immobili...

Get the full paper here: Small, 11, 4540 (2015). (Highlighted in SCIENCE; 349, 393, 2015).

Patchy particles are next generation colloidal building blocks for self-assembly and find further use as (bio) sensors. Progress in this direction crucially depends on developing...

Get the full article here: Polymer, 79, 299 (2015).

We report a versatile large-scale synthesis strategy for hybrid Janus nanoparticles with a silica core and a unilaterally attached polymer corona in a size range below 100 nm. The stimuli-responsive behavior of these n...

Get the full paper here: Polym. Chem. 6, 476 (2015).

We present the facile synthesis and orthogonal functionalization of diblock copolymers containing two mutually incompatible segments, i.e. primary amines and activated esters, that are displayed chronologically and sy...

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